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Escaped Quarantine Nurse Returned from Enugu

Nigerian Minister for Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu has confirmed that the Lagos nurse who travelled to Enugu against medical advice is now back in Lagos and is under quarantine with her husband.

The nurse, who had contact with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, caused a stir on Wednesday when it was discovered that she had travelled to Enugu and had contact with at least 21 people during her unauthorized trip to the Southeastern city. However, Chukwu says the nurse has so far not developed the symptoms as of the time of her trip.

“In Enugu yesterday, there were 21 secondary contacts with the nurse. But after
investigations, there are only 6 secondary contacts now”, he said in Abuja on Thursday. The nurse who is newly wedded had no symptoms of the disease when she travelled to Enugu, was transported back to Lagos   in a special ambulance with her husband. Her husband is under quarantine now.”

Chukwu also confirmed that a Nigerian in the Diaspora was sending an experimental drug for Ebola treatment, and the drug, whose name is ‘Nanosilver’, would arrive in Nigeria today.

“The experimental drug is a donation from a Nigerian scientist in Diaspora who was concerned about threat of Ebola in his home country. The drug will reach Nigeria today”, he said.

On updates on Ebola cases in Nigeria, he said some of the 169 secondary contacts of Sawyer were no longer under surveillance and had been released, having completed the 21 days of incubation period.

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