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Nigerians react to viral photos of old man prostrating before Kogi state Chief of Staff

Nigerians react to viral photos of old man prostrating before Kogi state Chief of Staff An elderly man lies down while greeting Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello’s Chief of Staff, Edward Onoja when he visited him in his office this week and Nigerians are criticizing the act on social media.

See their comments below:

* aakiyn – Not right AT ALL🙁
* bethraltonwe – Is this even necessary🙄 if men were God
* olusola2762 – Na ogun go kill that guy … Motherfucker
* i_knowjohnnieeja – Authority… It’s not by age
* money_spirit1 – When he come to that age ! He will face more shit than that God grace
* money_spirit1 – God will punish him for such act
* lolu.a.aderemi – When you place materialistic values over moral ones: The future of humanity!
* omotoyosi_oays – He will not grow old…I bet with anybody
* nancydrew.nn – Old age is far frm dis one. Mtseew
* esthereneKai  – this is not right. Am so disturbed. But why will he sit down and allow an olderly person to bow and greet him . its well
* oyeyemiolaoye – Nonsense
* otunba_joseph – This is absurd
* floxyb_24 – Wat is all this?kai this is not nice at all
* ikosawe8 – He nor know himself
* babatundeajala – Thank God say man no be God oooo!.
* adebayoy2g – Are these not the youths that want to takeover? Beautiful Nonsense
* opflow – Very bad, he will reap what he sow 🙏💯
* idikakaluemele – That is the power of money
* olukay4lif – This is arrant nonsense . kai this kogi executive’s are notorious for doing stupid things. This is a true reflection of how power has intoxicated some of this hooligans who found their way into positions of power in our society . no respect for the poor elders ,had it been Atiku or osinbajo will this fool not stand to greet them or are the older than this poor man . lack of societal values what a great shame . this is what kogi people brought on themselves .its not is fault now . they chose them to misbehave. Very stupid indeed.
* idikakaluemele – That is what power does
* gmoneybentley – This boy doesn’t have home training
* lucyamehlucious – It’s sad, what a generation of youths we have today. God help us n forgive him for this disrespect.
* smallridman – What the f
* lizzyarikeadeoladimeji – Very bad…kai
* ominiaho – Africa has culture? Wait till the young boy become rich and see how the ild men who set the rules break it themselves #Omini
* opegold3 – END TIME THINGSSSS…..
* talbort – No morals again because of power. Don’t let respect or blessings turn out to be a curse.
* david.west.5458498 – 😱👹👎👎
* atilolapartylover – This is sad. Sitting comfortable while the man prostrated.
* therealkunbi – This is nonsense
* life_and_entertainment – Who is he to sit right there and his Father or grandfather prostrated for him, its a cause on him.
* ukrainjons – This is not right Atall ,,,BTW ooo like say person dey hold the old man say en no need stress em self but the old man no gree,,, abi my eyes dey jonz me ni?
* lifeof_solomon – What kind of rubbish is this na, the man was only showing appreciation, they told him to stand up several times, yet he refused, you people should give information in details…. And nobody has any right to judge Edward Onoja by this picture
* adebimpe_james – 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ igwe MUST hear dis
* honeyprincess39 – He is stupid
* babbinajay – He’s full of himself
* helenudia – He has placed a curse on himself
* seriki_yetunde – Let us not get it all wrong which is the aim of the media. its glaring someone was trying to stop him from prostrating but i guess he insisted and moreover the man in question here gains nothing by letting an elderly man kiss the floor and prostrate for him. #My opinion
* glorious.glory.92 – Abomination
* njemanzechioma – If men where God..
* olaferrero – This dude lack home training and manners. Nonsense!!!
* koinzino@estherene –  the thing tire me sha… and the stupid count is still smiling while the man old enough to be his dad is on the floor.. naija sha
* energy_emir – Power drunk hmmmmm
* igspice – He too will bow down for his junior when he gets old.hes not gonna b in d position forever. He just sowed a seed.Foolish boy!
* energy_emir – Who is he? Ordinary kogi state chief of staff,what if his the Governor of the state ,he will be walking on peoples head…stupid thing
* ololade_004 – I don’t understand..he’s laying curse on himself and still smiling at it..
* toksadetoye – We have lost our great virtue in this country. This is arrant nonsense. He has definitely sow a very dangerous seeds for his generation unborn.
* i_am_jene – Some comments though 😒
* oduala_bunmi – This is totally bad how can he sit down and someone that is old enough to be is father is prostrating to him
* donchris4all – See comments from nigerians,how old is french president that the old country men goes down for on sighting him?.I tire for us seriously,did he ask the old man to do what he did,he did that out of respect and nothing more…
* donchris4all@i_am_jene  – That is to tell you how shallow our minds are my dear,even from majority of us that claims to have seen the four walls of the university,still sounding so delusional..
* jokesdam – Poverty is a disease. I don’t like what I hate o.
* donchris4all – Una see baba wey de find favor una carry the matter for head like expired galla,some of us here answer their managers sir in the office despite them being much older than their so called managers not to talk of the firm owner himself..
* official_yemi – And he sat down laffing while someone old enough to be his father or even older than his father fa!postdate finish like DT.smh.I pity him.wat is not right is not right no matter d circumstances behind it.
* kennysamuel1890 – Power drunk people….inferiority complex
* don_aisosa – Who Papa be dis na???
* cyntiminaj@donchris4allahahhhahahhahaha
* agebecky – People like this die fast bcos its a taboo for an elderly person to prostrate for a young fool like this
* cyntiminaj@jokesdamahhahahahhahahhahaha
* cyntiminaj@donchris4allahhahahahhahahahahha
* cyntiminaj – Una too talk God4bid
* donchris4all@jokesdam – A very big disease my dear..
* bamidele2luv – Money speaks bullsh** works
* donchris4all@cyntiminaj – My dear laugh away your sorrows joor,leave naija with their media warrioring spirits..The old man isn’t complaining either,trust me if they hear say the man give the baba too much money after that they will all flee to his residence immediately..
* official.padd – Power intoxication but right now himself will not be happy with his actions
* hardurogerAbomination 🙆🏿‍♂️
* mharie_beauty_signaturesRubbish
* petra_014 – This is crazy 🙂🙂
* shollyosi@en
* omoregie.adesuwa – In my place he has just place a big curse on himself for allowing an elderly man to greet him first.
* akatu88 – Na waooo e reach dis level
* blikzyoo – It shows how they are ruling kogi people. May God help us
* alexokpa – Nigerian politicians,God will deliver the poor from them. This what they always work towards,total subservience/ slavery.
* feyisayoad – Ah! !! This is not fair
* fanumania – Moral decadence of the highest order! Omo alai leko!
* prettyarewa – I am presently serving in Kogi state, dat state is not a place 4 d youth 2 serve, d politicians are enjoying while d people & civil servants are in pains, a state dat can’t pay it’s workers not 2 talk of Corp members.
* jaylikee – It’s just a picture no one knows what really happened. Don’t be in a haste to judge. Cos in the end d judge and d judged might find their place in hell.
* ola.olugbenga – When you condemned this, what of people prostrating for kings and chiefs. What is the difference?



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