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Nkem Says: There is Always That One Person

There is always that one person who will always have your heart. If you are thinking the statement sounds like something from a cheesy love song, you would be right. It actually is the first line of the awesome duet by Alicia Keys and Usher titled ‘My Boo’. At the …

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The Architects Of Terror And The Fathers Of Hate

In reaction to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s promise to treat what he described as “hate speech” as terrorism Mr. Jackson Ude the publisher of Pointblank News said the following. “APC thrived on hate speech between 2014-2015. Today that seed they sowed is haunting them. They now say it’s terrorism! Don’t …

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Remembering Yahya Jammeh’s Mile 2 prison

The walls were once painted white. And, in its past life, the floor was a layer of smooth cement. But the walls have turned brown now, covered in dust and sweat, and the cement has started to crumble into potholes and cracks. This is the notorious Mile 2 Prison outside …

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