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President Jacob Zuma finally resigns

Jacob Zuma on Wednesday announced his resignation as the president of South Africa in a televised address to the nation after being under pressure to quit before the official end of his term in mid-2019. Zuma, 75, who has been in power since 2009, faces numerous allegations of corruption. His …

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South Africa’s ruling party could replace Zuma on Thursday

South Africa’s ruling party moved to replace the defiant President Jacob Zuma as early as Thursday while police raided his business associates at the center of corruption scandals that have infuriated the country. Zuma, breaking his silence, told the state broadcaster that his treatment was “unfair.” African National Congress leaders …

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Jacob Zuma’s five biggest career scandals

South African President Jacob Zuma’s battle to stay in office despite the ruling ANC party reportedly asking him to step down is the latest in a long history of career controversies. Here are five of his biggest scandals: – Rape charges and HIV – Before taking office, Zuma was put …

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South Africa’s ruling ANC party to vote for new leader

The vote to choose the next president of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party was set to get underway Sunday evening, after the party officially nominated two candidates to lead Nelson Mandela’s historic liberation movement. After a rocky start to the gathering, two candidates accepted the party’s nomination for …

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Jacob Zuma survives no-confidence vote: Speaker

South African, vote of no confidence, Parliament, Lawmaker

South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday survived a parliamentary vote of no confidence, as ruling ANC lawmakers stuck by their leader despite divisions and fierce criticism of his rule. The no-confidence motion needed to secure 201 of the 400 votes in parliament to succeed, but fell short with 177 …

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