Read why you should follow
those bigs names. And learn from them how you can be a  better investor as they are by apply their

There are plenty of these power
players on Twitter, but there are a few big name investors and company execs
that are absolute must-follows. 
below are some of the names that are moving markets with their tweets and are
constantly being watched by the business community.
example, it’s estimated that activist investor Carl Icahn, who is on the list,
moved $18 billion in Apple with just three tweets.
Carl Icahn
Majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises
Bill Gross
Co-founder of Pacific Investment Management
Elon Musk
Tesla CEO
Marissa Mayer
Yahoo CEO
Tim Cook
Apple CEO
;Warren Buffett
Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
Dick Costolo
Twitter CEO

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