The discredited Commissioner of Police in Rivers, Joseph Mbu has gone on advertisement spree.  There is every indication that Mbu has sensed the fire he lit on himself by his brazen partisanship in the Rivers State crisis, which he had greatly fanned.

Yesterday, Mbu placed one page color advert in The Punch newspaper, congratulation the Police Inspector General, Mohammed Abubakar on ‘the second anniversary of his appointment as IGP’.

In today’s Punch also, the same Mbu placed another full page color advert titled “Thank You”, with pictures of all the Deputy Inspector Generals of Police surrounding the picture of the Inspector General with the following message; ‘Thank you agents of change. We have never been so blessed. Thank you for your understanding, loyalty and support to the listening Inspector General of Police, M.D. Abubakar’.

Besides the huge question surrounding who is funding these adverts, the issue that remain is Joseph Mbu the only person or police officer that knows that IGP Abubakar is two years in office since his is the only advert on the mundane subject in the dailies? So why is he the only one that is snatching up expensive advert spaces to celebrate the IG? What is it about DIGs supporting an IG that merits buying an expensive advert space to tell Nigerians?

The guilty runs when no one is pursuing him. If Mbu feels that all it takes to retain him on the office he has shamelessly desecrated   by his shameful partisanship is to buy advert spaces for irrelevances, then he should be told we have passed the stage. Who knows what Mbu will be celebrating about the IGP tomorrow? Mbu, run, you will need it.

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