Officers of the Nigerian police force this morning raided the popular computer village in Ikeja. The surprise raid was initiated by the Standard organization of Nigeria (SON) in a move to clamp down the sales and distribution of fake phones.

Eyewitnesses say the police stormed the ever busy marketplace and started shooting sporadically in the air before swooping into shops to cart away suspected fake phones mostly techno.
Techno, which now enjoys a large customer base after its massive rebranding has become a major target of fake phone dealers.The company, whose phones are affordably cheap has sufferred serious losses due to the influx of fake phones bearing its brand name.

After the police fired teargas and successfully made away with many fake products, some aggrieved traders stormed the Digital Square plaza, a property of Tecno Mobile Nigeria located at Obafemi Awolowo way, to wreak havoc.

Several vehicles parked within and outside the premises were vandalised. A witness said that but for the intervention of security personnel, the aggrieved traders would have set the building on fire. “The traders took such action because they felt that since it was only fake products of Tecno that were carted away, then the company must have facilitated the raid,”.

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