The world football governing body, FIFA, has declared the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) elective congress that produced Christopher Giwa as illegal and ordered his board to leave office before midnight of Monday, September 1.

                                                                      Chris Giwa

Giwa was declared the President of the NFF on Tuesday at an elective congress held at Chida Hotel, Abuja, where he defeated former NFF Vice President, Mike Umeh.

In a letter signed by Secretary General of the international football federation, Jérôme Valcke, addressed to NFF General Secretary, Musa Amadu and dated August 29, FIFA declared the election congress that produced Giwa as unacceptable, based on its received correspondence.

FIFA highlighted the implications, should Giwa continues to parade himself as the NFF President, stressing that the governing body will seek no other option than presenting Nigeria’s case before its executive committee for sanction.

The body further declared the congress held at Bentley Hotel as valid while that of Chida Hotel as not acceptable as it contradicted the earlier proposed agenda for a non-elective congress.

“We refer to the enclosed reports we have received from members of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the Association of Professional Footballers of Nigeria, as well as to information relayed by the media with regard to the events linked to the general assembly of the NFF on 26 August 2014,” the statement read.

“We understand from the sequence of events that the general assembly duly convened by the NFF Executive Committee could not start as planned because some NFF members, including the president, were being held by security forces for questioning.

“We also note that, despite these absences, some members decided to hold an impromptu ‘elective general assembly’ while the delegates were supposed to be deciding on a new roadmap leading to elections for a new NFF Executive Committee.

“According to the enclosed reports, 39 out of 44 of the delegates then resolved to hold an ad-hoc general assembly during which they decided that elections would be organised for 4 September 2014 and elected new members to the electoral committees.

“Finally, we have learnt that the persons who claim to have been elected during the so-called ‘elective general assembly’ have come to the NFF offices claiming to be the legitimate president and members of the NFF. It also appears that the Ministry of Sports has recognised them.

“As stated previously, FIFA deems the general assembly to be the highest decision-making body of any football association and that its decisions are consequently binding, provided that these comply with the member association’s own statutes.

“According to the facts reported to us, it appears that the vast majority of the NFF members decided to set the elections for 4 September 2014 and we consider this decision to be valid since it was taken by the highest decision-making body (the NFF general assembly) and conforms to what has been previously reported to FIFA,” FIFA stated.

The football governing body further requested that all parties concerned should be informed of its decision and requested that a confirmation of the date of 4 September 2014 would be met, as the timing seemed very short.


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