The government of Mali has confirmed that a two-year-old girl had tested positive for the haemorrhagic virus in the country. The baby is said to have returned from Kissidougou, Guinea, according to official.

The girl, whose father died of Ebola, was taken to the hospital in Kayes after a nurse noticed she was suffering from what appeared to be Ebola-like symptoms.

Mali became the sixth West African country to report a case of Ebola, which the WHO reported more than 4,800 people have died mainly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – since the outbreak in March.

Ousmane Kone, Mali’s minister for public health, called for people in Kayes, west of the capital city of Bamako, to “stay calm” and observe “hygiene measures.”

“We identified the first contacts of the patient,” he said. Even so, he asked anyone who had contact with the girl to contact authorities.

Meanwhile, the french government has announced that they will help Mali to contain the Ebola outbreak…

Mali, a nation of about 16.5 million people to the northeast of Guinea, is Africa’s third-largest gold producer. The town of Kayes is almost 600 kilometers (373 miles) northwest of the capital, Bamako.

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