Moses was in company of three other friends and were monitoring the last Saturday Local Government Area elections when police allegedly pursued and shot at them somewhere around Asaba, according to LIB

“Two of the boys ran while 2 others stayed back with the driver of the vehicle, Christopher 29, who was beaten black and blue. Unfortunately, Moses out of fright took off but was immediately shot thrice. The two legs were battered and his shoulder was shot at too. He is currently dying at FMC Asaba.”

“The D.P.O had quickly transferred the other one case to State C.I.D. with cooked -up allegation of armed robbery with possession of fire-arms planted in the car. Kindly find attached pictures taken secretly at the hospital where doctors are battling to save his life.” Undisclosed source said

Hopefully, the Asaba police will address this issue and tell us what really happened.

Scroll down for more photos of Moses in hospital…

Culled from LIB

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