A Tennessee couple didn’t know what they were getting into when they decorated their first Christmas tree shortly after their marriage 53 years ago, according to ABC News

Now George “Buddy” Witherow and his wife Gloria spend months preparing for Christmas and what started with one small tree with pink metallic bulbs has grown into a forest of about 50 trees that spreads throughout their home in Smyrna.

“It’s been a lifetime thing for my wife,” George Witherow told ABC News of her passion for decorating.

 “They’re all special,” George Witherow said. “When you look at them, they kind of conjure up a story about when you visited there.”

Last year, 50 to 60 people viewed the trees and the Witherows plan to wait until after New Year’s Day to start the process of dismantling the displays.

“And I take my time doing it!” Gloria Witherow said.

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Source: ABC NEWS

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