Former Arsenal captain Thierry Henry, has announced his retirement from playing football and has signed a contract worth around £25 million with Sky television. The 37-year-old former striker decided to hang up his boots after his contract with MLS side New York Red Bulls expired.

“The decision was not too hard to be honest,” Henry said. “It is hard to leave the game you love and everything you used to do on a daily basis. But I am pleased with what I’ve done and I’ve got no regrets. Things happen for a reason. It’s hard and not hard.

“I love the game and I still think I can give a lot to the game. I’m retiring and I’m not yet involved with any team. In the meantime, I can give back to the game on TV and make people understand some stuff they maybe don’t already. The job of an analyst is to make people understand in a simple way what the game means. It will be our job to make sure we bring the game closer to people.”

Henry, who also played for Juventus and Barcelona, also confirmed his desire to become a coach.

“I don’t know if I can be a good coach or not, but the desire is there,” he added.

“We’ll see. Just because you can play the game doesn’t mean you can teach it – dealing with egos and lifting people.”

Source: Daily Post

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