Emma Jarvis, 25, from Winchester, Hampshire has extreme psoriasis that has left her with red, flaky, crusty patches of skin all over her legs, back and arms. Her condition looks like the spots of a leopard and people often taunt her about the condition.

 “I regularly get double-takes from strangers. I’ve had people making cruel comments, ” she said.

But the brave young woman says she has a new-found confidence after finding love with her boyfriend Matthew Rose, 24, a former colleague, in DIY store Homebase

“I was really self-conscious but now I feel great about myself. I wear bikinis on the beach and don’t care what other people think. He’s so supportive and he loves me so much. He’s really helped.”

Emma is now proud of the spots which cover her entire body.

 “I’ve got my own leopard spots – people have said they look just like animal print, so at least I’m on trend. I know some people stare but it’s their problem, not my problem. I’m different and beauty is not just skin deep.”

Emma does not let the condition get in the way and is happy to strip off to a bikini and go swimming with friends.

“People say that some celebs have it like Kim Kardashian, but she has a tiny amount, People don’t realise how serious it is,” Emma said

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