A father who has been accused of murdering his four-year-old daughter may have cooked and cut up her body before dumping it as part of a botched organ trafficking deal, it has been claimed.

Ani Borissova was reported missing from Bulgaria around April 21 with her disappearance sparking a nationwide hunt.

Her father Stanislav Bakardjiev, 27, was arrested and charged with murder and defiling a body at the beginning of May, Greek police confirmed.

Dimitrina Borissova, her 25-year-old mother, was also arrested for endangering a child after police discovered traces of her daughter’s blood in the family’s central Athens apartment.

It has now emerged that a letter has allegedly been given to police providing details about a potential organ trafficking deal involving the family.

In recent weeks Bakardjiev had reportedly bought new furniture and cleaning material, sold his daughter’s crib and stroller, it was claimed.

It was also suggested he was planning to have the apartment pipes replaced, authorities said.

Greek police has also allegedly asked for the extradition of a German man in relation to the death.

Regional police chief Christos Papazafiri previously said the remains were processed and dumped in various trash bins in Athens ‘in a way that it was not possible to determine they were body parts’.

Yannis Panoussis, public order minister and criminologist, described the crime as ‘extreme, non-human behaviour’.

Bakardjiev has denied murder and said he found his daughter dead in bed, choosing to dispose of her body because he did not want to worry her mother.

Authorities believe Borissova may not have known about her partner’s actions.

– Daily Mail UK

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