Rapper Mykki Blanco revealed that he’s been living with HIV for the past four years. He said this via his Facebook post on Friday June 12, 2015.

”I’ve been HIV Positive since 2011, my entire career. fuck stigma and hiding in the dark, this is my real life. I’m healthy I’ve toured the world 3 times but i’ve been living in the dark, its time to actually be as punk as i say I am. No more living a lie. HAPPY PRIDE,” he said

Blanco’s revelation was received well by fans, who voiced their support on Facebook. He responded to many of the comments personally, writing things like, “It’s a law of physics u cannot be in the light and the dark at the same time.”

To one fan, who called him “a hero and a warrior,” he wrote, “Hiding, being afraid of stigma is exhausting, we are souls, not images.” To another, he added, “It’s just today for everyone else knowing, but it’s been 5 years for me…I just can’t be an image living in fear, having people call me brave and it being a lie. Thank you for your support.”

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