President Buhari on Wednesday July 8 met the US deputy secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, at the presidential villa in Abuja, Nigeria, during the course of their meeting, he said, his forthcoming meeting on July 20th with President Obama is to further strengthen bilateral ties between Nigeria and the U.S.

”I look forward to greater support from the US for the multinational joint task force being mobilised against Boko Haram,” Buhari said in a statement. ”Nigeria and other gulf of Guinea nations will also welcome more cooperation from the US to enhance maritime security in the gulf and curb crude oil theft.”

On behalf Obama, Blinken reportedly commiserated with Buhari and all Nigerians on the recent loss of lives in renewed Boko Haram attacks. Blinken said he was convinced that Buhari’s election will expand the frontiers of the existing relationship between Nigeria and the US.

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