A Spanish woman from Petrer in Alicante, south-east Spain has been fined €800 (£570) after she photographed a police car illegally parked in a disabled space and posted it to her facebook page.

The unnamed woman was tracked down within just 48 hours for posting the photo on Facebook with the caption: “Park where you b***** well please and you won’t even be fined.”

She is said to have fallen victim to the country’s new gagging law which came into force on July 1.

According to Daily Star, Under the Citizen Security Law, what police consider the “unauthorized use of images of police officers that might jeopardize their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations” is prohibited.

Fines ranging from €600 to €30,000 have already been doled out.

Fernando Portillo, a police spokesman, said officers parked in the disabled bay because they have been called to deal with vandalism in a park nearby.

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