Plateau Governor Simon Bako Lalong met with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in a closed-door at the presidential Villa in Abuja over the suspension of the Comptroller-General of Immigration David Paradang, an indigene of the state.

Lalong had gone to see Buhari demanding an explanation for the suspension of Paradang from office on Friday, August 21 who embarked on illegal recruitment exercise for Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

”I came to see the President on some issues affecting my state,” Lalong told journalists shortly after meeting with Buhari. ”I feel comfortable with the response I got and that is why I am smiling. I told him (the President) what we are doing on insecurity in our state. Also, we discussed the prevailing issue of the suspension of the Comptroller-General of Immigration who incidentally is from my state. When you have issues like this in a political period, you must find ways of looking for reasons. If anything affects any part of your body, you must show concern.

On Paradang’s case…

”Paradang’s case is still under investigation,” he added. ”A man was suspended and he is from Plateau State, it is my concern because I am the governor of the state. For every appointment, we must show concern no matter how small. The President is handling it. At the end of the day, whatever is the outcome, I will agree with it, but I also need to get some explanation as the governor of the state.”

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