Cossy Orjiakor stares at the ‘Distinctive Daring Artist’ award she received from Europe Golden Awards in Germany over the weekend.

The Nollywood entertainer took to Instagram to share a photo of her holding the award with the message, ”Appreciating my first international award… Distinctive Daring Artist… From Europe Golden Awards. Hmmmm so cute…”

In another photo, Cossy wore a red wig at Frankfurt International Airport, claimed not the first time she has traveled abroad contrary to people’s comments on social media, ”Hi… Frankfurt.. Came in this morning thou.. Tired. com… I saw comments online about posting the 1month abi 1wk visa. It’s not my first time abroad.. My family lives abroad. My parents are always in and out of this country. but why won’t I be childish.. Am super emotional this time because am being appreciated and will also receive awards based on my track record of my acting and also of my contribution to nollywood as a whole. Why won’t I be childish”

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