Globalcom Limited has presented their longtime brand ambassadors Paul and Peter Okoye with a brand new Range Rovers 2015 and G Wagon 2015 respectively on Thursday  October 8.

Peter, 33, who just returned from their US Tour with his twin brother Paul Okoye aka ‘PSquare’ posted the photos to his Instagram account Thursday and thanked Glo for the gifts.

”Just back from our successful #🇺🇸USTOUR and now these!👍🏾 thanks to @globacomlimited for the gifts. Proud ambassadors👍🏾 #Gwagon2015 #RangeRover2015 Cc @judeengees #BrandAmbassador,” he wrote.

Peter added, ”Proud Ambassador. Thanks to @globacomlimited we going higher. #Gwagon2015 welcome to my garage👍🏾”

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