Senator Ben Murray Bruce has charged the thirty six governors in Nigeria not to reduce the N18,000 minimum wage, stating this in a series of tweets that it is unjust for a government to contemplate reducing the workers pay.

”A worker with a family earns less than a member of the NYSC who earns ₦19,800,” he said Monday. ”Reducing his pay is unconscionable!  A man earning ₦18k struggles to pay rent, feed family & pay school fees. To reduce his pay is to punish his family. If FG & state govts dont pay workers well they invite workers to steal. To end corruption we must pay workers well.”

Recall that the 36 state governors have said that they can no longer pay the N18,000 minimum wage that was signed into law in March 2011 by former President  Jonathan, owing to the poor state of the economy

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