President Buhari shakes hands with Chinese President H.E. XI Jinping shortly after their bilateral meeting at the sidelines of the Johannesburg Summit on China-Africa Co-operation in South Africa on Friday

Buhari pledged Friday in Johannesburg that his administration will take necessary action to correct lapses which have hindered the implementation of agreements signed with China under past administrations for the development of rail transportation in Nigeria.

Speaking at bilateral talks with Jinping at the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation, the Nigerian President said that the Federal Government will strive to fulfill Nigeria’s obligations under the agreements as their implementation will help to boost the country’s economy and generate thousands of new jobs.

”I have looked into the previous agreements and we will now keep our part of the bargain,” President Buhari assured President Xi Jinping.

The President applauded China’s ongoing support for the development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, noting that Chinese advisers deployed to some states of the federation were helping to train farmers on water conservation and the use of more productive seeds.

President Jinping described Nigeria as a very important ally of China in Africa, saying that the two countries need to boost their bilateral relations, for the good of their citizens.

He said that China was keen to work with Nigeria for the mutual benefit of both countries.

At the opening session of the summit attended by President Buhari and more than 30 other African leaders, the Chinese President had pledged $60 Billion Dollars of new development aid to African countries.

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