Davido says he has so much money to be worried about social media and now his fans are blasting him for that statement.

”IM getting too much money to be worried about social media !! SHIT AINT REAL ON HERE !!” the 23-year-old singer wrote with the photo above. ”Where did all the fun go ?? Lol every day new shit .. Omo I don tire. Shit is just wack now mehn. Pple hide under all these accounts to say shit they can’t say in real life and u feel good about ya self ??”

Here are his fans’ responses:

”Just got in here and saw d comment box @davidoofficial u really fucked up by bull shiiting ur fans u are practically nothing without ur fans when u said shiits ain’t real on social media why do u express every single thing abt u here frm ur baby mama and dele mommodu to ur sony endorsement here on instagram u even went far as telling us abt ur show in amsterdam pls who are u telling those HKN GANGS??? Or who is gonna come watch d show is it not ur fans guy just know how to relate with ur fans and treat us with respect pls…..A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE”

”I like ur music David, but guy u gat to grow up… others have been there before u and they are still humble… learn how to appreciate ur fans.. U no dey feed anybody.. They are just trying to show u some love so try to respect them, Without social media and fans, their will be no Davido.. One love”

”If it Comes to international recognition nigga Wizkid get am pass u him no need illuminati to do am for am and is ficking humble and prays for his fans ur own na to insult dem fuck boy”

”@davidoofficial lay low and focus, don’t make this year a dramatic one 4 yourself , you still young and have along way to go in future, if social media will ruin u, excuse it for sometime, concentrate on ur life & music, make ur fans happy, ignore some bullsh*t, must nt respond 2 everything, yeah!, u still a growing kid, but learn how to IGNORE. Love your FANS never 4gt that, don’t let your ego ruin u too. I’m not a fan of you @davidoofficial but I love your music. Please less this drama of yours it’s becoming too much & immature and very disturbing too. AND WTF! IS YOUR MANAGER DOING ANYWAY?! Letting ds whole sh*ts happen. Na wa o”

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