The People Democratic Party Director on New Media, Adeyanju Deji has alleged that there is a plot by the Buhari-led government to assassinate, silent him and other social media critics.

”These people r dangerous. They can do just anything 2silent opposition & criticism. They can even say I am working with Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB. I have just read the plan of #TyrantBuhari to assassinate or silent me & other vocal PDP social media critics of the Govt & I just laugh. A president of a nation that could boldly say Courts will not be respected can sanction killings of opposition critics behind closed doors. Almost all Pdp supporters & members are concerned about the plans to assassinate & implicate some critics of #TyrantBuhari. We just concluded a 3hrs Emergency Meeting on the plans of #TyrantBuhari to assassinate & implicate vocal social media critics. We will be taking an official party position on this assassination plot so that the world will be put on notice if anything happens to us. A government that can kill 1,000 innocent Shiites can kill a few of us & even call us terrorists. We have every reason to be concerned. We will address the Press on this because anyone who takes this government for granted does not know the length this govt is willing to go. Some PDP supporters who attended d Emergency meeting on d plot by the #TyrantBuhari led Govt to assassinate critics. We are not afraid of #TyantBuhari. We are ready for him.” he said.

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