Beat FM’s Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi and Seyi Shay’s manager Dee Dee have reacted to Omawumi’s conduct after the 34-year-old singer stormed out of a live interview on ‘Da Chat’ with Zinnia, a show on HFtv Africa simply because she was asked about her alleged smoking and drinking habit.

”A journalist is a journalist. Its always about the story…nothing personal,” Dee Dee wrote on Twitter, ”Wendy will talk about you behind u and still ask you on air! If we want to attain heights like the outside world, you must be ready for rawness… its a monstrous world. The journalist is famous now! The journalist’s aim has been achieved. Has the star convinced her fans about the rumors? No! Instead she has raised more questions. ✌  A question is never conclusive. It is either a direct question or a retorical one.Being a mom VS the rumors. I love the journalist’s composure. You must understand that journalists only voice out what a majority cannot.”

While Beat FM On-air personality, Gbemi feels otherwise on her Twitter handle;

”All these people who say that people in the public eye must learn to deal with everything thrown at them with grace . Easier said than done, “You are in the public eye so deal with it…….” Sometimes you will snap! Because you’ve been “dealing with it” everyday . #Human You open your social media and strangers are slinging insults at you everyday ……one day you will snap……. My moms birthday was on Monday , I didn’t put her pic up . I saw someone insult a colleagues mom. Her crime? She put her moms pic up. “Deal with it ” abi? Everytime , deal with it . All fun and games until someone snaps.”

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