DJ Jimmy Jatt revealed the most shocking celebrity beef of 2016 in Nigeria during an interview on  Urban96FM its last edition ”Urban Superstar Top 10” program hosted by Abby every Wednesday.

”2016, it just looks like people said to each other how are we going to sell this year? Let’s just start beefing each other. But me I mean, beef is allowed. It’s taken as a disagreement and not beef,” DJ Jimmy Jatt said, adding of  Peter and Paul, ”Pretty much I’ve known about it for years to be honest with you. I knew there were issues”.

On Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage:

”Personally I think it is very unfortunate how far the situation had gotten before it became major. I think there were issues for a very long time and probably they were just putting on a good face. They were like the perfect couple to a lot of people. I’m hoping and praying that they just rectify but I’m wishing them the best”.

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