One young woman who attended the concert is opening up about witnessing the fatal shooting of singer Christina Grimmie on Friday night June 10 in Florida.

Destiny Rivera spoke to People and claimed she stood in line behind identified shooter Kevin James Loibl at the meet and greet, even making eye contact.

She noted that he ”didn’t look like he was up for a conversation,” and looked ”a little bit nervous.”

When it was Kevin’s turn to meet Christina, she greeted him with ”her arms open wide ready to greet him, as she would any of her other friends with such enthusiasm,” just before he opened fire.

Destiny also noted that security didn’t check everyone’s bags.

”Our other friend actually did have a bag and, just ordinary force of habit, was unzipping her bag and getting ready to show him, and he was like, ‘no, you’re fine, you’re good. Just go,’ ” she said.

Destiny posted a statement to Facebook after the incident thanking Christina’s brother Mark for heroically tackling the shooter.

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