On the 6th day of September, 2016, I received a call from Mrs. Ekaette Emenike Iroegbu that her husband, Mr.Emenike J. Iroegbu, Publisher of Abia Facts Newspaper has been arrested by team of DSS Officers. The arrest took place at about 1:00pm at his residence, Uyo.

I make series of calls to friends on DSS and Police to seek for help in securing his release and informed his friends and follow bloggers about the arrest. The charges or allegations were unknown and the reason for the Gestapo/commando-like action was equally unknown.

I went in the company of Mrs. Emenike to the DSS office, headquarter in Uyo`. We were told that the Directo, one Mr. Adesina, is on leave. We were also informed that the operation was carried by Uyo Command on behalf of Abia Command and that he has since been transferred to Abia State Command.

Emenike J. Iroegbu is a friend and client who has never been linked with any lawlessness, militancy and terrorism activities to warrant his arrest by men of DSS whose primary responsibility is domestic intelligent gathering and counter-terrorism. Emenike J. Iroegbu is an irrepressible activist for good governance in Nigeria and in particular his beloved Abia State even though he has adopted Akwa Ibom State as a second home, he has been unrelenting in asking for a better deal for his people.

In a democratic society, like ours, government should listen and respect criticisms especially positive criticism. The Ikpeazu led government had no justifiable reason to instigate and order the DSS to arrest. Emenike has used his blogging to create awareness for the plight of Abians.

One wonder why the DSS would arrest him in the present of his wife without having the courtesy to inform her of his offence or where to report. Her phones were taken to prevent her from calling her family and friends.  Immediately we were informed of his transfer to Abia State Command, we quickly contacted friends and colleagues in Abia State to help seek his release.

The government of Abia State, has, for some time now been on the neck of Emenike J. Iroegbu after failing in its bid to induce him to stop his campaign for good governance. The Rule of Law must reign  supreme, freedom of expression must be respected. DSS is not an instrument of government to intimidate, suppress and oppressed the citizens of Nigeria, rather it is an institution of State that ought to add colour to the rights of the citizens by protecting them.

It was therefore, unconditional for DSS to have arrested Emenike J. Iroegbu. We are grateful that DSS on realizing the error respected the law and released him promptly.

My sincere appreciation to friends, colleagues and the blogging world for rising up in support of the release of Emenike J. Iroegbu.

Victor Thomas Asuquo Esq.

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