Hillary Clinton has scored a decisive victory over Donald Trump in one of the biggest polls following the second presidential debate.

Moments after the combative clash between the two nominees ended, CNN was chalking it up as a clear win for Clinton.

The poll, which was made up of people who watched the debate and not voters from across the country, found that 57 per cent thought the former Secretary of State came out on top.

Only 34 per cent gave Trump the nod.

But it wasn’t all bad news for the Donald, with 63 per cent of people who responded to the poll saying he performed better than they expected he would.

By comparison, 39 per cent thought Hillary outperformed expectations, with 26 per cent saying she did worse than they thought she would.

The results were even better for Trump in other sites, albeit ones that skew heavily towards the Republican nominee.

Right-wing website, the Drudge Report, published its own poll in the aftermath of the debate.

As of 1am, 83 per cent of its 221,170 participants said Trump won. Somewhat surprisingly, 17 per cent said Hillary was the winner on Sunday night in St Louis.

YouGov, an online data company, surveyed 812 registered voters who watched the debate to find out who they thought won the debate.

The result again favored Clinton, however the margin was a tight 47 per cent to 42.

The poll also offered more detail by breaking it down the result into key demographics.

Among undecided voters, Clinton narrowly won 44 per cent to 41. She opened up a larger lead with women voters, 50 per cent of whom said she was the winner compared to 38 per cent.

Trump also scored wins on Breitbart and People Magazine, while Hillary won a Star Tribune survey.

Here are some of the other snaps polls from Sunday night:

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