At least two people have been killed after a private jet flying in to a New Jersey airport crashed on Monday afternoon.

The FAA confirmed that the Learjet 35 was coming in from Philadelphia when it crashed on approach to runway at Teterboro Airport, around three miles from Hackensack, at around 3.30pm.

It came down a quarter-mile from the airport in an industrial area, killing the two crew on board. There were no passengers on board, authorities said.

FAA investigators are en route to the scene, the agency confirmed.

One witness told NBC 4 that the plane ‘flipped over completely’ before it crashed.

Another said ‘a dozen’ cars were consumed in the fire, which appeared to be largely contained within a parking lot.

Video shot from the ground by showed a column of black smoke rising from the crash site, with fire engines spraying buildings and cars as the fire continued to rage.

An hour after the crash, most of the fires had been doused and brought under control, but photos showed some cars melted and buildings damaged by debris.

Winds were at speeds in the 20s but were gusting up to 35mph as the plane landed, NBC 4 said.
But commercial and jet pilots are both used to gusty conditions, the channel said, and if a safe glide is not possible they are trained to head back up until it’s safe to land, they said.

The exact cause of the crash will not be confirmed until after the police investigation, they said.

Teterboro Airport has been shut down after the accident. It is commonly used to land private jets belonging to celebrities and local businesses.

Source: Daily Mail

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