Lady speaks about her ordeal 5 years after surviving car crash days before her birthday Lady who survived after being knocked over ‘on purpose’ by a car and ‘dragged for almost 200ft up’ underneath it just days before her birthday, tells of her ordeal 5 years after:

“5 years ago today.. June 30th 2012.. 3 days before my birthday.. I laid in a coma with a broken leg, pelvis, and dislocated spine, 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, my face, forehead, and my side burned, and stitched up, my tongue nearly severed, 3 teeth missing, the skin on my back burned off, and a fractured shoulder and jaw, after being hit by a car on purpose, and dragged for almost 200ft up under a car.

The picture on the right is me Today June 30th 2017.

God has brought me a long way! I don’t know what it is that you’re going though right now, but you must know that God didn’t run out of miracles after he performed one for me.

If he brought me from that to this..surely what you’re going through right now is nothing to him. Hold onto your faith.

Never give up,and never stop believing.

God is able!”

Source: The Survival Story

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