Reactions on Buhari’s recent photos and social media abuse on Fayose and Fani-kayodeYesterday was full of abuses online as different persons who took to various media platforms were reportedly vilifying the two vocal political persons namely, Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state and Femi Fani-Kayod, the former minister for Aviation, immediately the pictures of Buhari and the seven selected delegations from the governor’s forum was posted online.

The very important question left to be answered is, why the social media abuse on the two prominent F’s despite their struggle for Nigerians to know the where about and the exact health conditions of Mr. President?

However, it seems the answer is not far-fetched as newsmen went deep to the various social media and perhaps Vanguard online website to unravel people’s reaction and reasons behind the duos vilification.

First is was gathered that Fayose had said that the president is on a life supporting machine and criticized the pictures taken by Buhari and some APC delegations led by Oyegun, the chairman of APC.

Secondly, Fayose’s alleged position when the wife of president, Aisha Buhari returned with a goodwill message from the president to fellow Nigerians. In his postulations, Fayose alleges that Aisha Buhari did not see his husband for thus; ‘Cabals’ did not allow her in because of her husband’s critical condition.

Similarly, Femi Fani-Kayode undoubtedly has called Mr. Presidents led administration different names like, Corspocracy, meaning government by the working dead and has equally asked the president to resign in different occasions.

Recall also that Femi Fani-Kayode had denounced with some alleged members of PDP the pictures of Buhari with APC’s delegations in London and described the picture as fake, alleging it was an arrangement to sustain the cabal in power as he blasted the media and the National Assembly for remaining docile in the face of what he called a conspiracy.

These we believe must have been the reasons people’s negative reactions towards Governor Fayose and Fani-Kayode.

See people’s reaction via Vanguard Online platform.

@Ralph- Officially Fayose has become the mascot for all silly people in Africa. FFK is his bell ringer. Both can be safely banished from community of sensible people.

@Gbenga Adeosun Esq. – I’m not an APC aplogist, but for FFK & Fayose’s peddling of unsubstantiated false claims with utter confidence. They should bury their heads in shame

@Tito Kane.#Proud to be a NEGER – #I am happy for Buhari.

Where is fayose,kayofake etc????.

Finally,why are some of those men on the pictures wearing their useless boring Agbadas???.

Can’t they just look smart with just Buba and Shokoto like Buhari and those other men who looked smart with just Buba and Shokoto???.

What are they celebrating????.

They are celebrating their Going to england and making Fotos with the over 200 Million NIGERIAN PRESIDENT from a cold,foggy,no animal,no rain forest,cold,icy,no mineral natural resources barren desert island of a few Million people?????.



@igbo kwenu – Goat, you are one of the evil lot who peddled lies about PMB here, you were among the loudest.

Can you see your shameless life now?

All of you will go to where you wished him, many years before him.

Anuofia! Fayose and Fani-Kayode were not left undefended as some liked individuals joined voices with theirs.

@ tee said, Gbenga, you got this one wrong. It’s the presidency that should bury their heads in shame and not Fayose. Buhari has made Nigeria a laughing stock amongst the committee of nations. What will it take for a president to address the nation regarding his health or make a televised broadcast from London. I want to tell you that the reason for these trips by the governors to see Buhari is as a result of the pressure mounted on the presidency by Governor Fayose and Fani Kayode. It’s a face saving trip. You failed woefully on this! @Chibu – what shame, all the time what we see are photos even NTA cannot show your president moving about shaking hands of his visitors are all photos. even aljazera showed a the same photo. so i personally wants to see a video where buhari is walking about and probably laughing aloud as shown in one of the pictures

@Nwaebule Akor- That “Dry Stick” in agbada you called Buhari you saw sitting within Governors do you call it a living thing?

A living thing that can effectively be presiding over the affairs of Nigeria?

You should be ashamed of yourself. f00ls, f00lish f00ls.

@Namy – Just look at what ur president looks like. Is he capable of presiding over a family now, talk less Nigeria? Is resignation from office not in his dictionary? There’s a huge difference between a president and acting president. Buhari’s continuous stay in office as London-based president of Nigeria has a huge deleterious problems on Nigerians.

@Prince Gozel – Edu. Look very well at the picture where he is shaking hand with Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State with, you will see that buhari’s sense is no more there. He is Not looking at Gov. Abiola Ajimobi and also look at the way Gov. Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State is looking at him. Buhari sense of reasoning is no more there.

Our president is not ok.

@EduMainMan1/Stuttsgat – If a three month-old Child sees that Ghoulish Apparition called Bboohari he will have a Seizure Mothers Beware

@Judith – What is going on above is ‘photo-trick’ for the gullible. If Mr. President is as well as he looks, he has no business being in the UK. He should be back home where whatever treatment he is receiving can be administered at Aso clinic.

@eno_Obong (II) – Happy for Buhari? Can’t you see that he’s still sick and can’t move about……….? Why didn’t they allow the press in? Why no movement’s and handshake? Do you know how many days it took to package him? If he is really well why’s everyone traveling to see him and he doesn’t come back home.? Like it or not truth will prevail.

Continuing he said, fayose and fani never said he died since april. they only said he’s in comma, and incapacitated. where did you get that fake news from?

What is your take as we wait for Fani-Kayode and Gov. Fayose’s reactions on this.

Culled From VANGUARD


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