British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones 'killed in US drone strike in Syria' British jihadist Sally Jones has been killed by a US drone strike, according to a report.

The onetime punk rocker from Kent went to Syria with her son in 2013.
But now – according to The Sun – she has been killed close to the Iraq-Syria border by an American aircraft.

Considered Britain’s most-wanted woman, Jones – known as the White Widow – was a recruiter for Islamic State.

The Sun quotes a Whitehall source as saying: ‘The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.’


According to the report, the CIA told the Government in June that the 50-year-old had been killed by a Predator drone that month.

They did not inform the wider public, however, because there were fears her son Jojo, who is 12, had died in the blast too.

It remains unclear if he survived the strike.

It was previously reported the ‘cunning’ terror recruiter was desperate to return home from Raqqa, ISIS’s de-facto capital.

Jones was a high priority on the Pentagon’s ‘kill list’ because she was believed to have masterminded dozens of terror plots.

The Muslim convert fled Britain to join ISIS back in 2013 alongside toyboy lover Junaid Hussain, taking her then-nine-year-old son JoJo with her.

The 12-year-old boy – now named Hamza – is believed to have been forced to execute prisoners during his time there after being brainwashed.

Hussain was killed in 2015 aged 21 in a US drone strike.

It was previously claimed Jones was using Hamza as human shield in an attempt to stop the US from carrying out a similar strike on her.

Daily Mail UK

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