Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini is deadFormer Intel CEO Paul Otellini died in his sleep on Tuesday at the age of 66, said Intel.

Otellini was a lifelong Intel employee who had silicon in his blood. He was named CEO of the world’s biggest chip maker in May 2005, and he stayed in that post until he retired in 2013. In its 49-year history, Intel has only had six chief executives, and Otellini was the fifth. He was a 40-plus-year employee, and he was the first non-engineer to run the company.

Otellini announced his retirement at age 62, a few years shy of the Intel mandatory retirement age of 65. His departure came amid Intel’s struggles in mobile chips, when it lost billions trying to compete with archrival Qualcomm. Otellini was succeeded by Brian Krzanich, who is still Intel’s top executive today. While Intel powers most of the world’s personal computers, it missed the boat on mobile. The world’s smartphones — from Samsung’s Galaxy Note S8 to the iPhone X — do not run on Intel chips.


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