North Korea nuclear strike could kill 2m, injure 7m in Seoul, Tokyo – expertNorth Korea could kill two million people with a nuclear strike on Seoul and Tokyo and injure a further 7.7million, experts have warned.

The hypothetical scenario has been analysed by scholars who made their conclusions amid rising tension between the hermit kingdom and the US.

Should Kim Jong-un decide to unleash his nuclear arsenal, the has been predicted as catastrophic.

A general view of nightlife in Tokyo, Japan. Crowded streets of Shinjuku shopping district with blurred commuters at dusk. They would all be in danger if North Korea decided to strike

The analysis was carried out by US website 38 North following North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests and Donald Trump’s threat of retaliation.

Author Michael J Zagurek Jr said based on his calculations, nuclear attacks on the capital cities of South Korea and Japan could kill as many as 2.1 million people and injure 7.7 million others, according to Yonhap.

This was based on the assumption North Korea would launch its entire arsenal of 25 nuclear weapons.

Seoul has a population of 24.1million and Tokyo 37.9million and the final fatality figures were worked out by taking into consideration the probability of detonation.

Also taken into account was South Korea deploying the anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Air Defence (THAAD) system.

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