Theresa May expresses full confidence in Chancellor Philip HammondTheresa May has full confidence in Chancellor Philip Hammond, Downing Street has said.

A Number 10 spokeswoman said that the two had a “very good working relationship”.

Asked if the Prime Minister had full confidence in the Chancellor, the spokeswoman said: “Yes.”

The expression of support for the Chancellor comes amid reports of a deepening rift with the Prime Minister, with pro-Brexit Tories calling for Mr Hammond to be sacked.

The Sun quoted one Cabinet source as saying that relations between the two had become so difficult, that they “can’t bear to be alone together in a room”.

The No 10 spokeswoman, however, insisted: “They have a very good working relationship and they work very closely together.”

Mr Hammond – who has consistently argued for a “soft” Brexit – has angered Conservative Brexiteers over what they see as his reluctance to prepare for the prospect that Britain could leave the EU without a deal.

Former chancellor Lord Lawson of Blaby led the calls for him to be replaced, describing his actions as “very close to sabotage”.



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