Estimated billing: How Lagos teacher in 2 bedroom flat paid N50,000 in one month on electricity By Steve OBIAKOR

One of the oppressors in the city of Lagos is the Company called Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC).

Personally, I am yet to understand why someone who lives in a 2 bedroom flat should pay more than N30,000 in a month as an electricity bill, whereas their counterparts using prepaid meters spend less than ten thousand naira a month.

Those who live in two bedroom apartment are basically low income earners; their salaries are mostly around One hundred thousand or below and they have to spend thirty thousand on electricity bill only?

EKEDC has also made deploying Prepaid Meters look like a rocket science.

This exorbitant bill, to many, explains why they have refused to deploy these meters.

I ran into a frustrated friend of mine this morning whose travails started in March, this year.

He received a bill of N19,520 in March and he paid N19,000.  This I consider very high for a two bedroom occupant in Lagos.

In April, he did not receive any bill.  He went to a nearby EKEDC office to request for his bill, they could not readily find it.

He paid N15, 000 which was recorded in his account and he was issued a receipt.

The surprise package came in May, 2018 when he got a bill of N49, 605 almost N50, 000.

For God’s sake, how do you expect a private school teacher living in a two bedroom flat to spend N50,000 on electricity only?  Come on!  As a law abiding citizen, my friend went to the EKEDC office and paid N20,000 during which they promised to look into what caused the bill to sky-rocket.

A few days later, he was served a disconnection notice and was disconnected immediately.

He got back to them and he was told to offset the bill before he could be listened to.

He was told the same thing at their Marina head office.

Is this how we’ll continue?  This is just one story out of many.  I hope EKEDC resolves this issue and many other similar painful stories of this extortion in the name of electricity that most times does not exist.

I hope EKEDC will meter every customer and allow them pay as they use.

Most of us leave our houses as early as 7am, and come back 6pm.

Most appliances in the house between these hours are switched off.

So, what is the explanation for this robbery called estimated billing system?

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