Kwara lawmaker Funke Adedoyin dies after battle with cancer

Kwara lawmaker Funke Adedoyin dies after battle with cancer Funke Adedoyin, a member of the House of Representatives from Kwara State has died.

The female lawmaker passed away on Friday afternoon at age of 54 in Abuja. 

“This is a big loss to me, I am feel a personal loss right now,” Razak Atunwa, her Reps colleague from Kwara, said on Friday evening. “It was this afternoon that she passed on in Abuja.”

Mr Atunwa, chairman of House Judiciary Committee and governorship aspirant in Kwara, said Ms Adedoyin died of cancer.

“She had been battling cancer in the past few years,” the lawmaker said.

Ms Adedoyin was a daughter of famed Nigerian industrialist Samuel Adedoyin.

She was appointed as health minister by former President Olusegun Obasanjo during his first term between 1999-2003.

Ms Adedoyin was amongst a host of All Progressives Congress lawmakers who joined the Peoples Democratic Party in a mass defection earlier this year.

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